I’m Estee, a.k.a. Estellicious, a busy mom of two young kids, here to share my cooking journey in the discovery of simple and delicious dishes. DŌZO™!


Thank you for stopping by DŌZO™ and welcome to my “estelliciously” delicious online world of international recipes! 

I’m Estee a.k.a. “Estellicious,” the clumsy cook, always on the lookout for simple, yummy and healthy home cooked meals. Just a few years ago I had a slightly different passion: dining-out, takeaway, Uber Eats and pretty much anything microwavable.  Oh how times have changed!

I grew up in Hong Kong and Canada in a household with zero emphasis on cooking and as you might expect, I hadn’t cooked a proper meal until well into my thirties. For years, balancing my career in Finance with two small children usually meant that meals were prepared by others or “instant.” Once and for all, after moving to California in 2018, I was determined to learn how to cook proper meals with the hope of bringing more joy to the dining table. So I declared war against “instant”; researching foods, studying cooking, testing and tasting anything edible, but there was one crucial requirement: they had to be quick and easy recipes. Since then, my desire to discover, prepare and share home cooked meals has grown together with the love for my family.


Bring Home-cooked Joy to your Dining Table. Realistically!

Let’s admit it. We have better ways to spend our time than laboring in the kitchen day-after-day just to make mediocre meals that are gobbled up in minutes. And for what? To clean it up and do it all over again? Who can blame us for becoming dine-out, door-dashing instant-eaters.

And yet, we’ve all wondered, how great it would be to serve our loved ones homecooked meals daily. “Go the extra mile!” say older generations. “It’s easy!” say celebrity chefs. “Just do it” says Nike®Please…who’s going to keep cooking, let alone start unless it’s realistic. Time-wise. Taste-wise

DŌZO™ is Japanese for “here you go.” I launched DŌZO™ to spread the word that busy lives and great tasting, easy, home-cooked meals can exist in harmony. It’s true, even for someone like myself who’s grown up with no cooking experience. Today I can proudly say that I’ve been making homecooked meals on a daily-basis for years and still going strong, with a daytime job, 2 little kids and a very hungry husband. The mission is to bring home-cooked joy to your dining table. Realistically! through DŌZO™recommended recipes and resources. 

DŌZO™ is also here to introduce and emphasize Japanese home-cooking through my adventures and experiences of living and raising children in Japan. And, as my family comes from a multi-cultural mix of Japanese-American-Hong Kong-Canadians who love to eat and travel, we’re all about variety! We offer simple, tasty solutions to enjoy dishes from all around the world without the headache of gathering a bunch of exotic ingredients. I’ve personally tasted and time-tested each recipe on DŌZO™ so have a look around. Discover. Taste. Enjoy!  


Delicious dishes, simply estellicious!