[Air Fried] Dijon Mustard Chicken Wings

If I could only choose to have only one kind of mustard in my pantry, it will be Dijon Mustard!! This chicken wings recipe is one of our most cooked one! If you also like dijon mustard, you should try this!

Chicken Wings10 Pieces
[MARINATE] Dijon Mustard2 Tablespoons
[MARINATE] Garlic Powder½ Teaspoon
[MARINATE] Onion Powder½ Teaspoon
[MARINATE] Paprika¼ Teaspoon
[MARINATE] Salt¼ Teaspoon
[MARINATE] Black Pepper¼ Teaspoon


  1. Mix [MARINATE] ingredients together in a container.
  2. Add the chicken wings, mix well and marinate for about 15 minutes.
  3. Place chicken wings into the Air Fryer and cook at 380F/200C for 20-25 minutes until meat is thoroughly cooked through.
  4. DŌZO!

NOTE: Take out the Air Fryer basket from time to time to check the cooking status of the wings and give it a shake to cook the wings more even.

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