Japanese Mayonnaise

Japanese mayonnaise (マヨネーズ) is different from Western-style Mayonnaise like Miracle Whip, Best Foods or Hellmann’s. It is generally sweeter, richer and has a thicker custardy consistency. Japanese mayonnaise uses solely egg yolks with a blend of vinegar like rice vinegar, grain vinegar and/or apple cider vinegar while American mayonnaise uses whole eggs with distilled white vinegar.

The most popular Japanese mayonnaise brand is Kewpie (キューピー). It is almost like the equivalent of Japanese mayonnaise. It has been the best selling brand of mayonnaise in Japan ever since it was first manufactured in 1925. Kewpie is now sold not only within Japan but also worldwide in many countries and with factories even!

Japanese mayonnaise is used in a wide range of dishes such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, hand-rolled sushi and of course sandwiches and salads. The taste is so rich and unique that it works very well in other non-Japanese dishes like Western style sandwiches too!

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