Ochazuke with Marinated Sashimi

Ochazuke お茶漬け (おちゃづけ) is an extremely simple dish made by pouring hot tea (or sometimes dashi at restaurants) over a bowl of steamed rice. By literal translation, “ocha お茶” means tea and “zuke 漬け” means to soak. This dish has a very long history dated back from the Edo period.

When I am feeling under the weather, my number one go to dish is Ochazuke! The combination of warm green tea (sorry it has to be green tea!) and rice feels very healing to me. There are many different toppings that you can add onto Ochazuke (i.e. umeboshi, mentaiko, tarako, salmon roe, etc), but I’ve always use these instant Ochazuke packets. These packets consist of green tea powder, dashi powder, and some dried ingredients such as nori seaweed. They were invented by this same company since 1952!! Occasionally, I will add on some marinated sashimi as a bonus topping. I am very lucky to be sharing this super easy way of preparing this marinated sashimi which my husband taught me!

INGREDIENTS (2 Servings)
Maguro Tuna / Salmon0.22lb / 100g
Soy Sauce2 Tablespoons
Roasted Sesame Oil½ Teaspoon
Scallions1 Strand


  1. Dice the scallions.
  2. Cut the tuna or salmon sashimi into bite-size pieces.
  3. Place all ingredients into container and mix well. Place container in refrigerator to marinate for at least 1 hour (overnight would even better!)
  4. When ready, serve on top of a bowl of steamed rice, sprinkle toppings from the instant ochazuke packets and pour hot green tea into it.
  5. DŌZO!

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