[Air Fried] Miso and Yogurt Chicken Wings

Miso works amazingly well with so many food! This is one of my kids’ favorite wings!

Chicken Wings10 Pieces
[MARINATE] Miso1½ Tablespoons
[MARINATE] Plain Yogurt4 Tablespoons
[MARINATE] Honey½ Tablespoon
[MARINATE] Grated Garlic½ Teaspoon
[MARINATE] Grated Ginger½ Teaspoon


  1. Mix [MARINATE] ingredients together in a container.
  2. Add the chicken wings, mix well and marinate for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Place chicken wings into the Air Fryer and cook at 380F/200C for 20-25 minutes until meat is thoroughly cooked through.
  4. DŌZO!

NOTE: Take out the Air Fryer basket from time to time to check the cooking status of the wings and give it a shake to cook the wings more even.

Recipe adapted from [here].

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